Frequently Asked Questions

We are doing our best to answer any questions and doubts that you may have. Should there be any that is not covered here, please feel free to send your enquiry to us and we will do our best to assist you!


Q1: How do I proceed with buying?
Ans: You can purchase our products online through our website or visit our design studio located in 1024 Yishun Industrial Park A #02-31 Singapore 768763 to make an in-store purchase.

Q2: When can I visit your studio?
Ans: Our studio is opened strictly by appointments on weekdays, and from 11am to 6pm on weekends. You can give us a call at 62572501 prior to confirm the time that you are coming down.

Q3: I love your products. They are very unique furniture pieces. How do I pay for the items?
Ans: You can pay using major credit cards through our website  (via Paypal, Visa/Master). Alternatively, if you are in our studio, you can make payment via cash or NETS.

Q4: Is there any other way of buying?
We understand that sometimes, you come down to our studio to check on our lovely korean furniture pieces but could not make up your mind on the spot. When you are back home, you would very much want to proceed with the order. When that happens, you can email or call our friendly sales staff and we can create an offline invoice and send to you via email. Payment of this mode of order will be via Internet/Bank transfer. 

Q5: Is there any other mode of payments, like cheque?
Ans: Currently we do not accept cheque for payment.

Q6: I saw the “sold out” on an item I like. What do I do?
Ans: You can email us separately to enquire for a pre-order. We are more than happy that you like our items and will try our best to make special arrangements for you!

Q7: I bought something I really love online. The transaction went through but your staff called and told me it is a pre-order item. What can I do?
Ans: There may be occasions that some pieces require pre-ordering at our factory due to the unavailability of stocks. We seek your kind understanding in this matter as the items may be sold out via other sales channels or reserved by customers offline, which we could not control real time inventory on our online store. We will call to inform you that you have the option to preorder and wait for our new shipment to arrive or to cancel the order. We all know that good products are worth the wait and we would love that the unique piece be delivered to you as soon as the new stocks arrive. Regretfully, if you choose to cancel the order, we will refund you the payment you have made back to the mode of payment you have opt for.

Q8: How long does our pre-order item takes?
Ans: Typically, it takes about 6 - 10 weeks, although it may be slightly longer or shorter due to the production lead time and shipping from our factories.

Q9: My house will not be ready until 3 months later. Can I buy 3 months later?
Ans: You can definitely make a purchase any time you like, but do note that we do carry limited number of stocks for each items and they may be sold out in time to come and may not be re-stocked anymore. If you like an item, our advice is to secure the items first. We usually allow items to be stored in our warehouse for up to 3 months (with a nominal fee), but alternative arrangements can also be discussed. Additional storage fee can be arranged at 5% of the total amount per month, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Q10: I bought something I really love online. But your staff called and told me it is out of stock. What can I do?
Ans: Our online store stock inventory may not be in line with our actual offline shop inventory and that lovely piece that you had bought online could be already sold out via other sales channels or reserved by other customers offline. Upon our call, you have the option to preorder (subject to factory availability) and wait for our new shipment to arrive or to cancel the order. We all know that good products are worth the wait and we would love that the unique piece be delivered to you as soon as the new stocks arrive. Regretfully, if you choose to cancel the order, we will refund you the payment you have made back to the mode of payment you have opt for.

Q11: I bought something online and have chosen a delivery mode. But it does not tell me when is the delivery date and time. What can I expect?
Ans: Thank you for your purchase, but due to system limitations, our delivery arrangement is a manual process. We strive to call you within 1 to 3 working days and we seek your kind patience in this matter. From there, we will arrange for a delivery date and time block that is preferred by you, subject to logistics availability. 


Q1: Is there any free delivery?
Ans: We are constantly trying to keep our operations cost down to provide you with an attractive pricing. Therefore, our delivery process is outsourced and any purchases with delivery will need to be charged, albeit at a subsidized rate. To reward our customers, we will absorb the delivery fee if your purchase total amount is above SGD$1000.

Q2: How much is the delivery then?
Ans: We have a delivery partner and it will be at a flat charge of $50 per visit per location (subsidized weekday rate, and this exclude areas where there are ERP charges and or out of Singapore Island). For Saturday and after-office hours delivery, the delivery fee will be $80, subject to availability upon request. 

Q3: The lift does not stop in my unit level / My unit is a walk-up apartment. How is delivery done?
Ans: The deliveryman will then have to charge an additional fee (payable to him directly) depending on a case-by-case basis.

Q4: Can I arrange for my own transport and pick up in store instead?
Ans: Yes you are definitely welcome to do so.

Q5: When will be the delivery be done?
Ans: As mentioned earlier, our delivery is outsourced to our delivery partners, so the deliveryman will arrange with you a date and timing that suits you, subject to availability. 

Q6: I will only be at home at 8pm. Can delivery be done at that time?
Ans: The standard delivery time will be from 11am to 6pm weekdays. For Saturday and after-office hours delivery, the delivery fee will be $80, subject to availability upon request. There are no deliveries on Sunday and Public Holidays, unless otherwise stipulated.  Any other special arrangements can be made with the delivery man, but there may be additional charges incurred.

Q7: I had been waiting for the delivery man for hours. When will he come?
Ans: We do apologize on behalf for the unforeseen delay in delivery. It could most probably be due to traffic conditions on road. The delivery man is slated to arrive anytime soon, within the time bound period specified as much as he could. Most importantly, we would want the delivery man to deliver your items safely and accurately to your home and not perform a hasty job. We seek your kind understanding and patience in this matter.   

Q8: The drawers of the product that I bought seems to be faulty. I had already signed off the delivery order and the delivery man had left 1 hour ago. What should I do?
Ans: We do stringent checks of your items in our warehouse when we hand over to our delivery partners. It should arrive in good condition. However, we advise you to do a full check when the items arrive in your house. There could be unforeseen "accident" or the joint could be misaligned during the delivery journey. Do not sign off and let the deliveryman know on the spot so that he can assist you. If he had left, we apologize that you will have to bring back the product to our warehouse for any repairs, as delivery is a hard cost we incur from our delivery partners.


Q1: Is there any warranty for the pieces?
Ans: Yes, all our unique furniture items (regular items which does not include items marked Final Sale, clearance or sold as-is and customized pieces) come with a 12 months warranty on manufacturing defects (not including wear and tear or mis-use or due to wrongly assembled items). Lightings, accessories and decorative items are not covered with warranty.

Q2: How do I let you know on any manufacturing defects or problems I see after the delivery?
Ans: You are strongly reminded to check carefully upon receipt of your items upon delivery. If you do detect any manufacturing defects or damages after the delivery which are not due to mis-use or wear and tear, kindly bring the items down to our warehouse for any repairs. Similarly, if you need any clarifications on the products, you can email to our support team ( and our support team will respond to you within 3 to 5 working days. We seek your kind understanding and patience on this matter.

Q3: Is there any warranty card or anywhere that I need to register?
Ans: You do not need to register an item warranty anywhere, just keep the invoice will do. Bring the items down to our warehouse and you may be required to furnish the invoice upon request. 

Q4: I notice that the one piece that I bought has slightly different wooden grains and patterns from what I have seen previously. Can I change it?
Ans: We cannot replicate the same wooden grains as all our furniture wood grains are natural and every single piece is unique. Therefore it may differ from the display pieces that you had seen. Regretfully, exchanges are not allowed in this case. 

Q5: I bought something "As-Is" in your store. What does that mean?
Ans: "As-Is" furniture items are pieces that you accept the current condition of the pieces as you witnessed in store. There is strictly no warranty on "As-Is" pieces. 

Q6: I had brought the items to your warehouse for the repair due to manufacturer defect. However, I want a new piece instead.
Ans: As much as we love to provide you with a new piece, if we deem that the piece can be repaired, we will proceed with the repair and return it back to you. Sometimes, these unique pieces are limited in stock and could not be re-stocked or reproduced. Thus, to avoid any inconvenience, it is at the sole discretion of born in colour support team to handle the matter on a case-by-case basis and we do seek your kind understanding. We will, however, replace a new piece (or in equivalent/higher value if item is obsolete) for you if our staff deem that the item is unrepairable.


Last updated: 4 August 2015