Born In Colour X HomeVista Mini Fair GSS

Have you all ever wanted to consult a designer regarding your home?

Want to renovate, revamp, decorate or create your home but not sure who to consult or what furnitures to get?

Ever faced problems deciding on what style you want your home to be or colour/kind of furniture you want for your home?

Not sure want you want your New Home to look like?


Here we are to SOLVE all your problems:)


Born In Colour X HomeVista Great Singapore Sale (GSS) a Mini Fair Just for you guys!... The perfect one stop center to free all your problems!  


This Mini Fair is perfect for NEW HOME OWNERS 

Get all your needs and ideas fulfilled here!

Drop by our showroom to view our beautiful, mind blowing and unique furniture that cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore and a FREE consultation by Interior Designers :) :)