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born in colour aims to add colours to Singapore homes, decor and lifestyle. So here we are, handpicking unique pieces, articles and furniture from anywhere around the world, making sure that these would do a perfect landing into your home.

Furniture is not meant to be dull or boring. We see it absolutely fitting for you to handpick yourself anything you like, be it old or new; vintage or modern; unique or contemporary; scandinavian or country; hard metals or warm woods; to incorporate these pieces into your home. It is about filling your home with colours, colouring your life and that’s all about making you feel at home!



We are not founders, entrepreneurs nor award designers. We are just normal Singaporeans you will see on the streets on any given day, be it having wanton mee in a coffee shop or waiting to cross a road. We pride ourselves as pickers, picking up articles and pieces we like from around the world, sharing them and knowing like-minded individuals like yourself will appreciate them like we do.

In born in colour, we believe that furniture with a unique design will be a good design. That’s why we want to differ from the norm and we will differ from the rest. Specialising in Korean-styled furniture with mid-century tapered legs, you give our products an identity, and an opportunity to integrate it into your new home. Start now by visiting us for a chat and have a look around!



born in colour strongly believes that everyone is born a designer in their own way. You know what you want and thus you take charge of what you want for your new home. Having a strong conviction that everything should be made affordable to all Singaporeans, we cut down on many unwanted cost like prime shop rental, traditional marketing avenues and even keep our inventory lean so that you can enjoy these benefits as well, hassle-free! Retro chairs, vintage furniture, scandinavian tv consoles, conversation starter industrial pieces - you name it, we have it!

That is our promise to our customers and do help us by recommending us to your family and friends! Let us stay unique in this style in the Singapore furniture industry!


So, without further ado, let's browse our latest collection and unique furniture pieces...

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